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No, my hands are not full….

I get asked A LOT since I have four kids if my hands are full?  Or people just assume… “You must have your hands full”!? Honestly, I really don’t.  In fact since becoming a stay at home mom again I am quite bored.  I mean sure, I could clean house all day long to occupy my time but who really wants to do that unless you are a clean freak or something (which I am not!)?

Truth be told my kids are pretty self efficient.  Between, books, tv, phones, coloring books, etc they find ways to entertain themselves.  That’s not to say I don’t interact with them because I do and often but that they have learned to enjoy being alone.

My kids ages are currently 15, 13, 12, and 4.  I find myself most days just watching whatever show I can on cable, browsing my phone or having some one on one time with the four-year old.  Since the bigger kids are usually at school during the week.  But still I feel very bored.

My day isn’t filled with doing a bazillion things and I won’t lie I am partially glad it isn’t but still I really figured I would be more busy than this? lol.  To top it off my older kids have chores, each one has an area of the house they are responsible for and it rotates daily.  One has the kitchen, the livingroom and bathroom.  I take care of my own room, cooking, washing of my clothes as well as the four-year old.

So really most of the “work” is already being taken care of by someone else.  That’s not to say they always do great jobs (because lets face it they are preteen/teenagers and their work isn’t always the best) but for the most part I don’t have to do much cleaning.  Most of my cleaning is just reorganizing which I won’t lie I have been putting off.  Still most of it is a weeks worth tops and then what?

Of course then you have the problem of once you get into something that is when the four-year decides to do things they KNOW they are not supposed to do!  What is up with that btw?  I could watch tv and the kid does nothing wrong, I try to do something productive and all hell breaks loose.  So trying to read a book, start a craft (okay, who am I kidding?  I am NOT crafty), or pick up some hobby doesn’t seem all that productive.

Walks are fine but again that’s like one hour of the day and there are so many more hours lol I know, I know I should be grateful and ironically enough I really am.  It’s the first time since my 12 yr old was 3 that I got to be a stay at home mom by choice without having to work.  It’s really a blessing.  But still an adjustment.

We are planning in 2016 us getting two cars which I think will make everything MUCH better.  I will at least have the freedom to go somewhere during the day with the four-year old lol.  But all in all it’s amazing.  Who knew one could have four children and actually say I’m bored? lol Maybe, I’m just weird?  Maybe, I just have weird kids?  Not sure but all in all I say don’t fear having more than one kid and thinking you will be non stop running because who knows you could be like me bored out of your freaking mind lol?


A Change in Hormones

So the past couple of months have been really hard for me and I really couldn’t understand why.  I was starting to lose weight and then all the sudden it was just holding on to me (the weight) like glue.  I also was starting to feel pretty damn blue.  I knew things haven’t been the best but I had been in much worse situations before and didn’t feel this depressed.

However, I also knew with depression that it’s not always about what’s going on with you sometimes it’s just purely chemical.  I was able to get a month supply of my thyroid pills and prozac which no doubt was starting to help and then it happened.  AF came.  NEVER in my life I swear I had been so happy to see AF arrive.

I had went 90 something days of NO AF and my body was seriously FREAKING OUT!  I couldn’t lose weight if I tried.  All this week everything I had gained in those three months is coming right back to off to where I am where I was before the stall happened.

So this is my weight this whole week.  I have been weighing daily to see how much fluid is coming off since I was peeing like crazy.


This seriously messes with my mind.  I know that this is a fluid issue and AF always releases that bloat.  It’s just seriously annoying to constantly deal with this.  I just stay in the same range of weight.  Even my doctor said she believes all I am doing is gaining and losing fluid but we don’t know why nor why the fact I can’t seem to lose long-term.

Either way, I hoping that maybe this is a sign that whatever is the issue maybe it’s a little better now.  We shall see.  With AF here that means in a week or two PMS will be right back and I typically gain when I O.  So we will see if this weight loss stays OR continues to go.  However, I will say since AF my hormones seems to have started to shift in the right place.

The black cloud is gone, I feel “normal” again.  Which is really nice and I am sure my husband enjoys.  So sorry for the miss of absence but man things have been rough.  I hope in the future some how some way this whole thing can be figured out so that I can make some true progress with my weight.

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