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My Absence

So I have been thinking a lot about my blogging and not really sure I am going to continue.  I don’t really have much to blog about these days.  Between my own journal and Instagram I just don’t have much of a passion for blogging these days.

I will say that things are going really well.  The weight does seem to be coming off which is nice.  I think I will keep the blogs up a little longer incase I change my mind but in the meantime if you instagram @myplussizeconfessions you can fallow me on there 🙂 I have found a wonderful community on there and it has really helped me a lot!  🙂

Hope all is well with everyone 🙂


Weigh In Monday!

So yesterday was the last of the month.  I have started tracking my beginning weight and ending each month.  So even though Sunday wasn’t my weigh in Monday I weighed in, I also weighed in on Monday (today) to find out what my starting weight was for February.

In January I started with the weight of 318.6 I weighed in yesterday morning to…..


Tada Boom 12lbs down for the month of January.  Which btw was my goal.  I am SO freaking glad that I stuck to my diet this month.  I wanted to give up with like the usual the scale wasn’t moving like I wanted it to.

Once my PMS came, the bloat came with it and of course I wasn’t losing weight really at all.  I just kind of maintained.  I felt so defeated.  I worked so hard on week one and lost over 6 pounds and by week two there was a gain and I knew I did nothing to gain.

By week three I did have a loss but I still wasn’t at my lowest weight from week one.  I felt like my body was against me.  I felt like a failure and I didn’t understand why my body was doing this.  I knew deep down this had to be PMS bloat so I stuck through even though I wanted to eat like crap.

BUT I didn’t.

So, on Friday AF came and slowly the fluid started coming off and the pounds started dropping.  I was so excited.  I was right.  I WAS PMS bloat and all the hard work I put in on week two and three were not in vein!  It was progress!

So this morning, I woke up and felt HEAVY!  I wondered if weighing in just the day before was a good idea.  I knew I wanted to weigh in today as well because it was the first of the month.  I thought great it’s gonna show a gain from yesterday and I will be depressed even though I knew deep down I had made great progress.

I stepped on the scale and HOLY SHIT! I shouted


What????? I stepped off and on FOUR times…. YES, I even still have some swelling in my ankle so yeah!  AND AF is still here so I feel totally blah but YEEEAAAH!!!!!! So in Total as of today since I started trying to lose weight I have lost a total of 22lbs and this year a lone I have lost 13.8 lbs :).  I couldn’t be happier.

I know many would think my next goal is to get out of 300, but nope, I know that will happen.  No, my next “big” goal is to get under 280 and STAY under 280.  Since I started this journey 4 years ago the smallest I have been able to get was just under 280 and like a week later I shot back up.

Since, I have gotten as low as 280 but never stayed under that.  Once I got to 280 I had a hard time losing.  So that’s my next challenge in weight loss!  I will do this!

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