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90 Day Challenge

My husband and I were talking recently and he made a comment on my efforts of trying things.  It wasn’t that I don’t “try” things but more so it’s that I don’t give things enough time.  I really thought about this and I do believe this to be true.  I tend to give things a very short shelf life before just moving on and my typical goal for that is probably max 30 days.

My thoughts were more so if I don’t like it with in 30 days I probably won’t like it at all. Heck I even realized that my giving up a scale didn’t even last 30 whole days.  So on to that first, so last week I was in my storage area looking for something and I found a scale.  At first I didn’t do anything with it.  I wasn’t going to weigh myself and that was it.  However, I already had this lingering fear of my weight knowing just in a few days I had a doctors appt coming up and I was going to be weighed.

I had not be weighed in a about a month and I was terrified.  The last time I weighed I think was the 1st of April and I was 299.2.  The second I stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office I kept saying to myself, “you better not be over 300lbs” over and over again.  299.6 is what the scale read.  I have to admit I was at peace!  Yes, I was still under 300lbs!  However, after getting home I realized that my weight only maintained in a month.

While, I find some joy in knowing possibly when I get to goal weight I will be able to maintain my weight right now by far that’s the last thing I am trying to do.  So I brought out the scale again.  I knew that if I wanted results I do need to use this tool.  It does whether I like it or not help keep me accountable.  However, I still don’t want to obsess over it.

So I made rules.  Rules that I have to live by for the next 90 days.  I wanted to throw out my 30 days of trying something (which btw I realize I have been “running” now for more than 30 days!) Woot-woot!  I also knew that when it came to my diet I wanted a more flexible eating.  I didn’t want a “plan” persay.  I wanted to focus on having better food choices, eating better portions, and focusing on over all health.  I know there will be times where I will hit a drive through, go to a party.  I didn’t want to constantly wonder “what can I eat?”  I didn’t want to feel bad eating a bowl of ice cream and I didn’t want to beat myself up because I ate some damn rice! (the ex low carb dieter in me has a hard time accepting I do okay with rice!).

So here is my 90 Day Challenge to myself rules!

  1. Eat until full NOT stuffed! Just satisfied.
  2. Only eat upon hunger (I know there is a lot of controversy about this one whether we eat too long of periods or should be eating every few hours, however, I believe more on just listening to my body.  If I am hungry eat, if not don’t!).
  3. Become portion friendly.  I have to be aware of portion sizes.
  4. Eat 7 cups of veggies a day (this is a new one for me but something I felt I should try) Hell, if anything green smoothies here I come!).
  5. Drink apple cider vinegar (this stuff is gross to me but has so many benefits that I want to test out for myself, so trying to find a mixture that works for me however, this is the ONLY thing on the list that if I don’t do I am okay with lol).
  6. Take my meds everyday (I am bad at this and my meds are IMPORTANT).
  7. Weight ONLY once a week minimum
  8. Limit red meat (this is just because I feel better eating less red meat).
  9.  Two fast food meals per month.  If I absolutely have to do more than the meal needs to be healthy. (so say I get a salad instead of a burger if I have met my quota for the month).
  10. One Veggie dinner per week (again trying to up the veggies here for me and the kids).
  11. No bigger candies.  I am a sucker for those sharing size candies.  BUT I don’t share!  For now on if I get say a small bag of peanut m&m’s it has to be the small size and I can only do this treat ONCE a week (I typically get this when at the store!).
  12. I must do some sort of daily exercise. Even if it’s just going for a walk.  I get rest days but it doesn’t mean I have to seriously be on my butt all day long! (only exception is if I am sick or ordered to bed rest or something).
  13. ONE SERVING (this goes back to portion control).  If I eat something say I made some mac n cheese then I can have JUST ONE serving.  Not like um, the whole box!  Again, just trying to learn to eat things I want but in moderation.
  14. BLOG more (because blogging makes me feel better)!

And that’s it… It is a lot of rules but for the most part they are simple.  Eat more veggies, don’t eat in excess, limit fast food and move more!  Pretty simple.  So what are your goals you have this month and do you struggle to meet them monthly?

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