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Been MIA

mia1What can I say, Life gets busy.  That and I haven’t been as compelled to write lately.  I did start a youtube channel recently, but will admit that I am not too sure about it in general.  I feel so weird doing videos.  I really can’t stand seeing myself talk as well.  That and I am not so tech savvy to where I can make cool video’s lol.

Anyways, so since my last post a lot has gone on.  I got down to 293 but the past few weeks I had shot up.  I was like 303 on Monday but was suffering some major bloat and well some bad choices.  It’s amazing how QUICK weight can come on.  I know that it’s not all fat because most of that happened in the matter of two days.  So that means, it’s fluid.  But still.

Like that 10 pounds will take me a couple of weeks to get back off.  Sigh….

Anyways… So this week was a big week!  It’s the beginning of school week. This year I am sending off

My oldest going into 11th grade (OMG next year she is a SENIOR! what????).


My second oldest into 9th grade!


My son entered middle school going into the 7th grade!


And the baby entered into Kindergarten!


To my surprise I DID NOT cry at the kindergartner.  I felt kind of odd like I was suppose to or something?  I was more upset when my son went but I also didn’t get to see him off so I think that had a lot to do with it.  But still.  No tears.  But so proud of her.  She is SUCH a big girl who was READY for school!  Let me tell ya!

It’s so weird being home now with out at least the little one here.  I keep feeling like I am forgetting her.  Or I will go look for her when it’s quiet wondering what she is into now to remember she is at school.  LOL it feels so odd and yet so empty too.  I am looking to get a day job while she is in school to give myself something to do and to save some money.  We could use the extra cash (who wouldn’t).  I will do my best to be more active but pretty sure once I start working again this will be once again on the back burner.  Sigh… Either way I am working toward good things so that’s good right?

So how’s your day going?  Did you send any kiddo’s off to school this week?  If so what grades are they going into?

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