About Me

Hi, I am Misty and this is a blog about my life.  I am wife and a mother of four children.



I am currently 33 years old and a working mom who is also aspiring to become a midwife some day in my near future.  I started blogging years ago but,  my most “successful” blog was I am not just a fat girl.  I started “I am not just a fat girl” about four years ago after the birth of my fourth child M. After my daughters birth, I experienced what is called Pulmonary Edema that nearly took my life.

I had about 70lbs of fluid on my body that was slowly killing me.  My lungs had over filled with fluid causing my heart to swell and nearly causing me to go into heart failure.  Doctors took off about 50lbs of fluid in one week while I was in the hospital.  We thought that everything was then going go back to normal once the hospital removed the fluid.  Little did we know that six months later, not only would I have regained the 50lbs they took off of fluid but I wound up having several pulmonary embolisms.  Thus risking my life once again.

Since then,  we found out that I have Factor V Leiden which is a blood disorder I was born with.  Luckily my kids all skipped having this disorder which very rare and I am extremely grateful for.  I thought after all this I would finally be able to shed the pounds.  I knew that having a hypothyroid and the edema I still faced would be a challenge however, a part of me still had hope to lose the weight.

Four years later and here I am still,  a 300lb woman.  I was no longer the girl trying to prove to the world I wasn’t just a fat girl, who was secretly hoping to just NOT be a fat girl.  I thought that if I got serious I would prove myself wrong and the weight would fall off.  But,  that just didn’t happen…  My blog then became a place of where I always felt like I had to be “on”.  I had to be inspiring.  I had to be something I just didn’t feel I was anymore.

Thus the birth of My Plus – Size Confessions.  I wanted a blog that could reflect who I am, how I feel and not just a blog about me trying to lose weight.  I will probably struggle the rest of my life with my weight.  But I do feel I have a purpose and I feel my writing has a purpose and that purpose is my story.  My Plus – Size Confessions that of all sorts!  It’s a blog about my life, my secrets, struggles, triumphs, goals, pains, you name it…. It’s all here, it’s all plus size and it’s all raw!  I hope you enjoy this blog for I foresee you will be be seeing a lot of me!


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