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Weigh in Monday!

IMG_20160718_074903Well my friends Weigh In Monday is Officially BACK!  Last week I came in at 304.6 which was up by 6.4lbs (I think) since I had stopped weighing in and decided to take a mini break.  I was a little disappointed at first this morning when I stepped on the scale.  I caught a sneak peek of my weight yesterday and I was down to 298 which would have been my all time low in a year.  However, I noticed a couple of things this morning, one was, my bladder wasn’t super full like normal and two both of my ankles were swollen.

Ah, yes, water weight.  Which I know I have a lot of.  But seeing puffy ankles and an up in the scale is a good indication that I didn’t gain 2lbs of FAT (the horror) it’s just water.  I also knew that on Saturday I decided to run 3.1 miles (a 5K) on the treadmill.  I have been running about 1.5ish doing my C25K program.  But wanted to try doing a 5k and seeing how long I could really jog without stopping.

I am SUPER proud to say that I did a 5 minute warm up and I only walked when I was half way at 1.5 miles and that was a 4 minute walk.  This was HUGE for me. I have NEVER ran that long before.  Granted it was super-duper slow and the eyes of running I probably wasn’t running.  BUT for me I wasn’t walking.  lol If I bounce it’s no longer walking in my book lmbo. So I have to say it was a good week!

I didn’t torture myself with rules and what not.  I told myself moderation, watched the carbs for the most part.  I couldn’t have done better on several days.  But I am not going to focus on that.  I lost 4lbs this week and broke a new running record for me.  So hey, in my book that’s freaking awesome progress even if I am still up a little bit from June over all.  It’s okay, I will be down next week and at my new all time low in a year anyways.  So this week I am celebrating 4lbs gone and cheers to running for 60 minutes!  Woot Woot!


Weigh In Monday!

So yesterday was the last of the month.  I have started tracking my beginning weight and ending each month.  So even though Sunday wasn’t my weigh in Monday I weighed in, I also weighed in on Monday (today) to find out what my starting weight was for February.

In January I started with the weight of 318.6 I weighed in yesterday morning to…..


Tada Boom 12lbs down for the month of January.  Which btw was my goal.  I am SO freaking glad that I stuck to my diet this month.  I wanted to give up with like the usual the scale wasn’t moving like I wanted it to.

Once my PMS came, the bloat came with it and of course I wasn’t losing weight really at all.  I just kind of maintained.  I felt so defeated.  I worked so hard on week one and lost over 6 pounds and by week two there was a gain and I knew I did nothing to gain.

By week three I did have a loss but I still wasn’t at my lowest weight from week one.  I felt like my body was against me.  I felt like a failure and I didn’t understand why my body was doing this.  I knew deep down this had to be PMS bloat so I stuck through even though I wanted to eat like crap.

BUT I didn’t.

So, on Friday AF came and slowly the fluid started coming off and the pounds started dropping.  I was so excited.  I was right.  I WAS PMS bloat and all the hard work I put in on week two and three were not in vein!  It was progress!

So this morning, I woke up and felt HEAVY!  I wondered if weighing in just the day before was a good idea.  I knew I wanted to weigh in today as well because it was the first of the month.  I thought great it’s gonna show a gain from yesterday and I will be depressed even though I knew deep down I had made great progress.

I stepped on the scale and HOLY SHIT! I shouted


What????? I stepped off and on FOUR times…. YES, I even still have some swelling in my ankle so yeah!  AND AF is still here so I feel totally blah but YEEEAAAH!!!!!! So in Total as of today since I started trying to lose weight I have lost a total of 22lbs and this year a lone I have lost 13.8 lbs :).  I couldn’t be happier.

I know many would think my next goal is to get out of 300, but nope, I know that will happen.  No, my next “big” goal is to get under 280 and STAY under 280.  Since I started this journey 4 years ago the smallest I have been able to get was just under 280 and like a week later I shot back up.

Since, I have gotten as low as 280 but never stayed under that.  Once I got to 280 I had a hard time losing.  So that’s my next challenge in weight loss!  I will do this!

Weigh in Monday

So yeah, I know it’s not Monday.  Yesterday, the whole family was home so I didn’t get to blog.  BUT I did weigh in.  First, let me say how one “cheat” meal which wasn’t even really a cheat persay, will do you in.  I know this, I always KNOW this and yet I under estimated it.  That ONE meal turned into several.

Not only that but I realized recently that I wasn’t losing last week, from there I saw signs I was in fact ovulating.  Which was a plus because normally during ovulation I gain up to 10lbs.  So I have to say the fact I haven’t gained that much was a promise.  So while, in this weigh in I know that PMS IS a factor I can’t say a 100% my gain was because of it.  Facts are, that even though I actually got as high as 315 last week during the week, I know my eating habits didn’t at least if anything help!

PhotoGrid_1453133951328 (1)

So I weighed in gaining 1.6lbs this week.  I am not going to be upset about it.  I am going to move on.  I am happy it’s not a typical PMS 10lb gain so that’s nice.  AND I did expect a gain the second I knew I was in fact ovulating.  But all in all it didn’t excuse my eating.  So I am doing a better job with that this weekend and making sure I LOG ALL my food!  Sigh…. I knew week 3 is usually hard for me but didn’t expect week 2 to be.  Sigh….


Week One Results

Well, week one is finally done.  I started this week off with a goal to go to the gym  I thought in my head that I can at least walk for 30 minutes, “what’s the big deal?”.  I have to say I was SOOO wrong.  I guess if all I did was 30 minute work outs everyday that would be possible BUT that was NOT what I was doing.  By Thursday I started feeling less energized and by Saturday I was sore ALL over.

After much reading and thought I decided to take an off day.  I remained all week calculating my calories and by Sunday I felt SO MUCH BETTER!  I couldn’t believe how just ONE rest day helped so much.  So on Sunday I was supposed to meet up with a friend for lunch.  I really wanted to stay on plan and I had plans to hit the gym as well.  So I hit her up with the idea of us working out instead and maybe catching a healthy dinner after words.  She was actually up for it.  A bit scared but willing to try it out.


We actually had a lot of fun.  I even brought my 13 year old daughter with me this week to the gym too which was different.  I think she got to see how hard-working out can be lol.  She also learned the elliptical looks easy but isn’t all that easy.  I personally LOVE the elliptical.  I like that it’s a bit harder than a treadmill.  I enjoy the challenge and I always usually do it with interval training.  🙂

So anyways, Monday’s will be my official weigh in day for now.  So on my first week I was pleasantly surprised.  All I did this week was work out and count calories.  I didn’t really focus too much on carbs, sugar etc.  The item just had to fit in my calorie count and made sure I wasn’t left hungry.  One of the things I have learned quickly with counting calories is that you can to some extent have what you want but you have to ask yourself how worth it is?  For me I knew eating a high calorie diet and barely eating anything all day probably wasn’t gonna work for me so I didn’t typically do it.

I had a great week and with a nice loss of 6.8 lbs to start.  Which is a GREAT start.  I am pretty happy with it.  So now we are on week two.  My goal is to work out for 6 days straight and maintain calorie counting.  For some reason it doesn’t feel as daunting as it usually does.  Not sure why really? I guess because I have decided to just not let it be?  I don’t know but it’s all good.  I am also doing some workouts at home too for extra strength work outs.  Dh bought these resistance bands that I have been trying out.


So all in all I can say it’s been a good start to the new year.  I am excited to see what the month holds. I am also trying to knock out of my mind all the negative thoughts.  Like the “hopefully” I will continue to lose.  I have been telling myself not “hopefully” but I WILL lose.  This WILL be my year.  I AM going to do this.  I feel like allowing the self-doubt is setting myself up for failure.  I know why I do it.  It’s because of my past of working hard and then all the sudden my weight was going back up but lets just face the facts.  I haven’t had a solid month where I worked hard tracked my food and actually gave a 110%.

While I do feel at the time I was trying hard, I think I could have done better…. No, I KNOW I could have done better.  So this month is the month to prove that myself.  I refuse to believe I can’t lose this weight on my own without medical help.  (of course aside from my thyroid meds and etc.) but I am sure you know what I mean.  I am ready to do this.  Ready to put in the work. I AM READY TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT.

Weigh in Wednesday

Today is Weigh in Wednesday.  I have been dreading this weigh since last week.  Not only was I up last week but this week I have stayed up which sucked.  Then this weekend we ate out for dinner.  This apparently didn’t help at all.

I also noticed I was ovulating last week which means it’s PMS time (as a reminder to those who may not know what PMS is for many confuse it with AF it’s a week (or two in my case) before a woman’s period).  Yay me. NOT.  I am hoping this is why I am not losing well this week.  I know yesterday I was stumped the scale didn’t move at all since I knew I was eating on plan.  So then I thought, maybe it’s inch loss?

I knew deep down this wasn’t true either because I could tell that ever since my organizing on Monday I was pretty swollen and woke up still feeling swollen.  But I thought what the heck, I will try on the pants I could almost fit into just two weeks ago.

Yeah, that wasn’t a great idea, I think they were tighter than they were the first time I put them on a month ago as my first “goal jeans”.  Sigh….. So this morning I wasn’t excited to weigh in.  Worst yet, I also had to measure myself because it’s been a month.  Who wants to measure while being all bloated.

Eh, I figured oh well miles well so I did and the results are:

I am up .2 oz from last week.  I have to say I was still SHOCKED at this because I was up more yesterday.  I knew it was fluid because I peed a lot.  I hate fluid btw.  PMS causes me to bloat up to 10 pounds.  But my inches is what got me the most.  If you look at the chart you can see I am up 3.4 pounds since the last time I measured.  (that’s depressing) but what’s NOT depressing is look at how many inches I am down.  I am down a total of 13.5 inches off my body!  Now, I know that the gain in weight is not muscle (remember, muscle does NOT weigh more than fat it’s more dense which btw could explain the loss in inches).  I have to say given the pants yesterday and the swelling I really thought it was going to be an increase of numbers.  So for me I guess you can say you can’t fully go by the scale OR by your clothes lol.  All in all I was pleasantly surprised.


Weigh in Wednesday

I would love to say I lost this week but I didn’t.  In fact I am up 3.2 pounds from last week and like 6 pounds from Friday.  Ugh, I didn’t eat all that awesomely this weekend due to dh’s bday weekend.  I know it’s mostly fluid retention.  But the reason that fear is there mostly is from my past.

I know many haven’t followed me from my I am not just a fat girl days.  I have been battling this weight issue for the past 4 years.  It hasn’t been your typical I ate a bunch of crap all the time and just didn’t care story.

For me it’s been a journey of medical issues that have been a huge factor of me being the size I am and doctors stumped on why leaving me with the lovely task of trying to figure it out pretty much on my own.  But these links here, here and here probably can give you a bit of insight of this journey and why it’s different.

I also know gains are normal, I know that sometimes you can gain quiet a bit and yeah, it sucks it comes on MUCH faster than it goes off.  I just want to make sure I am consistently going forward and not backwards.

I am hoping that my revolution of just sticking with it even though the losses are small is going to be the key.  I have to really focus on not paying too much attention to the numbers in the middle of the month but more so the numbers at the end.

I also do need to weigh in often though because I do struggle with fluid issues, it’s important for doctors to see the patterns and make sure I don’t gain too much too fast when I do.  This journey has been a process for sure.

So it’s a bump (hopefully) I am still sticking to my theory that I will not return to what I was.  I am nervous because I can tell I am ovulating.  I know that in my past once I started to ovulate gain I couldn’t lose weight.  I didn’t have AF last month at all and I had a great loss.

I do fear that history might be repeating itself.  But for now, I have to quiet those fears and say no, we will push through that was the past and this is present.  Worse case, it does and then I have a ton more information for the doctors.  One way or another I will figure this out!



Weigh-In Wednesday

I didn’t mean to not post at all since last week.  Sometimes I just don’t always have much to say.  Lately, I have been worried a lot about our van.  Our van broke down back in June and needed the motor replaced.  Which as you probably know isn’t a cheap fix even if you get a used motor.  Which for us was our only option.  So we saved the past few months and a few weeks ago finally was able to get it done.

Well, things have not been going as planned.  First motor the mechanic received from his dealer was bad, then two more were the wrong motors.  He said this hasn’t happened before but OMG it’s annoying.  So we are now on week three and they are installing a motor they say should be right and work.  I surely hope so.  Of course we don’t know how good these motors are until we actually have them installed.

Thank goodness as well they come with a 6 month warranty!  So today is supposed to be the day it should be done. I am SO hoping that is so because D starts a brand new job on Monday. This job is a great opportunity for us.  BUT it’s hard for him to ride the bus, it will leave him stranded on his way home.  So we NEED this fixed by this weekend.  So any prayers or happy thoughts about that would be greatly appreciated.

Anyways, I know you are here for the weigh-in.  Today’s weigh in was a happy and depressing weigh in all at once.  I was glad that it’s higher than yesterday.  Yesterday’s was up several pounds from this weekend.  This weekend I was 311.8 and so freaking excited.  Then Monday comes and Bam it’s 316.   I was like WTF?  BUT I also knew I had some bloating going on (don’t you love being a woman?).  So I knew that the weigh in today wasn’t going to be good.  So I stepped on the scale and it said:


So I am up 1.4 pounds from last week.  It’s as if last week didn’t even happen. Sigh…. But hey I am still down.  So since it’s the end of the month our totals are as follows.  I have been doing this now for two months and I am down a total for this month 7 pounds (which is my monthly minimum goal so yay me!) and 12.4 pounds since I started. I have to say I am still okay with those numbers.  I lost more this month than last month which is an improvement.

Weigh-in Wednesday

Another week is upon us which also means another weighin.  This week was interesting because it’s my son’s Birthday.  He turned 12 on Monday.  I did great though, I didn’t eat the donuts, didn’t indulge in the pizza but did allow myself some cake.  I also had some left over cake yesterday.  And even though I had my small cheats I am proud to say I am still down 1.4 pounds this week!


Woot – Woot…. It’s a smaller loss but hell, I am just glad it wasn’t a gain.  I feel like anytime I go off plan I balloon up.  But this time I just made sure it was ONE thing and once in a day.  I think that part helped A LOT!  So on to the next week.  I am super excited.

Weigh-in Wednesday

What day is it?  I SAID what day is it???? The crowd shouts, It’s WEIGH-IN WEDNESDAY (and crowd claps and cheers loudly).  That’s right folks, it’s another weigh-in Wednesday.  I am sure eager minds would like to know did Misty gain, lose or maintain this week?

This week has been pretty decent.  Stayed on plan, even dealt with some stress and didn’t cave into temptation.  While AF still hasn’t shown its ugly head I was still being optimistic.  Either way I told myself as long as I stay in the white that’s all that matters.

So what did my scale say this morning?  Well I will show you!


Tada….. I am down 3.8lbs from last week.  Boo-Ya! I am pretty happy about that and normally I don’t get excited about weight loss.  But this time I am because I know I am on plan, I am trying.  And honestly, this week I expected a gain given my previous month.  I am PMSing still so this is a good sign that I am LOSING and NOT gaining right now. So that my friend is good progress!  One to the next week!  Woot-Woot!

Weigh-in Wednesday

So this morning I stepped on the scale.  Even though it’s a loss and it’s a good loss I am a bit annoyed.  One because I was smaller a two days ago even though I have eaten well.  This is what I weighed in a month ago around the same date (the 12th).  I am seeing a pattern with my weight and as I said last night it scares me.

It scares me because I fear I won’t lose and if doctors can’t find out why I fear I will always be in this body.  But, I am going to push through and keep going.  Usually at this time I would have declared defeat at this point once I realized it was repeating the cycle.  I am hoping that this is more of my own self sabotage than my health.  I want so badly to believe that.  Because if it’s not than I feel a bit doomed.

SO anyways, on to the weigh-in.  The weigh in is still pretty good.  I am down a total of  3.2lbs this week. Which puts me down to 8.6 pounds since I started.  I will discuss the fact I was at 10lbs down the first week into this and now only 8.6…. I will just keep moving and take this as a loss.  I swear though if I am back up at 320’s next week I might scream.


I am SOOOOOOOOOO tired of this roller coaster….. Either way, it’s all a learning experience and I told myself from the beginning that even if this doesn’t work it’s still good data for the doctors so maybe someone will listen.  It’s so interesting because if someone was losing weight despite eating a ton of food doctors would pay attention but yet, I can gain weight and it’s look at as I am doing something wrong.

It’s like society even though we know there are medical reasons that can cause you to gain (and I already have a couple of those) don’t want to really believe it.  We want to think that the person just is lazy and fat on purpose.  So is someone who is super skinny always starving themselves?  Don’t people get this is a huge double standard?

What’s worse is, I can take being shunned by the public in general.  I will take it as a lack of education.  But when I get this too from the medical community it saddens me.  I wonder how many others like me are working hard, doing all the “right” things and still struggling to keep pounds off and still being told you are just “not doing enough” as I have been told?

Anyways, this should be a happy post.  Let’s hope next week is more losses and the weeks to come. I didn’t eat several things I wanted to this weekend.  Heck, even yesterday.  I am so proud of myself for doing so!  So I hope some progress comes very soon! I would like to be out of 300 by November!

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